Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to Our Brooch Bouquet Training

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  • 02

    What you will need to start making your Brooch Bouquet

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    • What you need
  • 03

    Wiring the Brooches

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    • Wiring the Brooches for your Brooch Bouquet
  • 04

    Taping the Stem Wires

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    • Taping
  • 05

    Attaching Brooches to the stem wires

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    • Attaching
  • 06

    Assembling the Brooch Bouquet

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    • Assembling the brooches into the bouquet
  • 07

    Dressing the Brooch Bouquet

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    • Dressing BB
  • 08

    How to Make Ribbon Fabric Roses and use them in a Brooch Bouquet

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    • How to make ribbon roses and assemble them in a wedding bouquet
  • 09

    How to make more advanced shapes and designs using the same techniques

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    • How to make different shaped Brooch Bouquets
    • Carmen Rose Flower Girls Wands
  • 10

    All the Notes You will need.

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    • Step By Step Brooch Bouquet Notes
    • Marketing & Selling your Brooch Bouquet
    • Sundries & Brooch Order Form
  • 11

    How to Make a Frill for the back of your Bouquet

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    • How to make a backing frill for your bouquet