How to Make A MoonGate of Flowers

taught by Janette O'Rourke

Course description

A Step By Step Tutorial designed for complete beginners.  You will be amazed how we construct an eternal circle Moon Gate that is easy to construct, transport and decorate and looks amazing.

Janette O'Rourke
Janette O'Rourke
Principal and Teacher

Janette has been training florists from beginners to advanced level for the past 30 years. Her knowledge of training and her attitude to her students is what makes students come back to Kays Flower School for more and more training.

Janette has developed many training videos to spread her love of flowers and her love of training to those who cannot make it to her training school.

Course Curriculum

How to make a Floral Moongate
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Preparing the Frame to attach the foliage
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Adding the Foliage to the MoonGate
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Adding the Flowers to the MoonGate
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